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1. KDC is a Document Storage and Document Management Services Provider

​KDC values the importance of document and information being archived. That will need to be taken care of according to international standards. KDC’s document management system provides convenient and efficient access to information stored within your archive and can be retrieved as needed. The document storage was specifically designed with the most popular technology and maximum security protection system. We offer 3 plans of our document management services as follows:

2. Computer Media Storage

​Business information and customer information is considered as priority and important. Document can be stored securely and retrieved when needed. KDC stores your computer media in a Safety Storage room which specially designed based on Safety Standard Storage Room.

3. Documents and Computer Media Delivery Service by KDC

​KDC is paying attention to the security of the documents archived with us starting from pick up files and cartons from customer’ site transport until arrive at KDC. We choose a safe vehicle lock can be turned off during the trip and tracked with GPS at all times. Daily schedule of pickup and delivery is set regularly per customer’s order. Cartons and Computer Media are verified and sealed prior to releasing. Vehicle, records, cartons and internal work are recorded with CCTV of any unusual practices. In addition, to give customers’ confidence in our services, computer media vehicle specially designed to maintain the temperature and cooling system throughout the service.

4. KDC Vault Service

​There are various important documents and documents that have financial value or commercial document needed special care. These records are safely stored and can be retrieved. We stored these documents in a Vault room, only authorized personnel with specific signature can be accessed, log in and out monitored by CCTV. Your documents are well protected, accessible and retrieved at all times.

5. KDC Scanning Service

​KDC provides file management, indexing, type of records and storing files for convenient searching and fast retrieval with sharp scanning images. We use the most advanced Scanning technology to scan images for the sharpest image of sizes of paper from A0 to A8 by our professional team with 1 year guarantee.

7. KDC Secure Destruction Service

​The document and information in conducting business contains important data either major customer or your organization. Once Information are no longer needed in storage, should be destroyed or deleted correctly. KDC offers document and computer media destruction with Shredder prior to spinning process into pulp. To ensure that the documents and information will be deleted and destroyed properly and does not affect the environment, the destruction can be handled by Standard Industrial Waste Destruction.

8. KDC On-Site Secure Destruction Service

In order to prevent leakage of customer information and the organization itself, some of the records within your office do not require an off-site storage. KDC has destruction box provided at the specified area in your office. Once the records reached retention period or full, our qualified staff will pick up for destruction at KDC. It will be sealed with scanned barcode together with a receipt of particular Work Order. The service incorporates every stage of an information cycle, from collection to transportation until final destruction. The destruction process will be recorded by CCTV for customers’ review.
9. KDC Invoice Management Service/ KDC Invoice Verification Service

​We offer Billing and Invoice Verification services on your behalf. To reduce the burden of placing the invoice and verify true copy prior to paying goods or services provided to your business partner, leave such responsibility to us. Invoices will be reviewed and verified to you and your business partner on the time and date scheduled along with a statement to prepare for payment including the details for your business partner on your behalf with the cost control and faster.
10. KDC Contract Management Service

​Many organizations have numerous of written contract or agreement i.e., financial contracts and documents relating to the various projects. Often, those active records may be stored in a different period which makes difficult for records coordinators are not able to find the required document. KDC designs and index the records that are related in the same group. This is to give customer confidence on the document related with those contracts will be faster searching and successful of the information you need.
11. KDC Medical Records Management Service

​KDC offers medical records or documents related with patient treatment storage service which occurs according to the length of time that a patient meets a doctor. These records are stored in different files and difficult to search for past treatments. KDC provides daily update medical records of individual patient and be ready for doctor once needed. With these services can support the hospital and be able to respond to patient care, especially when an illness that require tracing past medical records. It is considered the most advantage for hospital.
Best Solution to Protect Your Information
KDC has a service that helps properly protect your data safe in a fully security equipped offsite storage which has been specifically designed based on International Standard whether your data is in the form of an original document, computer scanned or other electronics records. The customers may request our representative to search and retrieve or self-serviced and delivered at your convenience without any investment.
Information Management
Not only Records and Information Management provider, we are giving advice to your offsite storage solution and assist in all aspects of the job, from packing, indexing and retention plan of your records to collection and subsequent or self-serviced retrieval and delivery of originals or electronic copies are requested. We offer both rental system and document management system for customers across the country and abroad.