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Company History
Krungdhep Document Company Limited or KDC is a subsidiary of Krungdhep Sophon Public Company Limited. Both the Ministry of Finance and Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited are the major shareholders. The company was established on October 2, 1995 with a registered capital of 100 Million Baht by Krungdhep Sophon Public Company Limited which holds 99.98 percent stake.

​The company focuses on providing records keeping and client data of any form. According to the International Storage Standard, the company uses the most popular high technology system to manage our offsite storage records management. This is to ensure that the system can meet the requirement and be accepted internationally both original and electronic records. In addition, the company has received ISO 9001:2008 for more than 18 years, which considered a pioneer of this technology service provider. We also have other additional services, such as offsite Document Scanning and inside customer’s office, Billing Review, Policy Management and International Standard Electronic Records Management System rental as well as providing Design services and Document Management System for customer’s organization. Currently, in being a Document Management service provider, we have been accepted by the customers of our expertise and professional services. ​

The Board of Directors consists of:
1. Mr. Chanchai Lamyordmakpol Chairman of the Board
2. Mr. Suparp Tungtriratanakul Director and Managing Director
3. Mrs. Acharaporn Hemakom Director
Trusted and Worthwhile using KDC Records Management and Document Management Services​


Comprehensive Services

We offer a comprehensive service at customer’s preference; original document, computer media or electronic records. We also have Computer Scanning and Retrieval including Consulting and Design services. We offer services that meet customer needs in Bangkok, across the country and abroad.

On-time Delivery

We consider the trust received from customers and the need of required document. The staffs pay special attention and dedication to their specific job assigned by verifying and confirm with our internal department and customers. This ensures delivery is constantly monitored and traced by GPS and meets the agreed response requirements of on-time delivery to customer’s site.

Keep Promise

According to company's policy, we agreed 100% service commitment to our customer. It is defined as Performance Measurement that we keep our promises to customers and customers will not be disappointed.

Fair Price/Worth the Money

The price is the most important factor for customers because expense is the business direct cost. Once the customers agree using our service which means they expect to receive professional services, on-time delivery and worth the money spent. Therefore we focus on Service Quality to customers as priority with the most competitive price in the market.

Safety Guaranteed

Safety is another factor that customers anticipate and aware of its importance of data protection. We have various types of security systems; i.e. Fire Protection, Theft and Internet Hackers. To guarantee our service, we have performance measures of our professional that your records are housed in dedicated offsite storage, operates a strict security policy. It also offers the best security and knowing that all your information is held safely and can be retrieved and delivered when needed.

Confident and cost of storing documents and computer media with KDC.

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