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Why should offsite document storage.
Quality and expertise in storage and document management for businesses to manage all enterprise documents to customers.
KDC seize attention to the quality of service to satisfy the customer is important.
Support your business
A good experienced Document Storage and Document Management service provider can help you design a process or steps to support your business with the layout plan and methods on how to use services or searching for records/information required as soon as possible inclusive of original delivery, fax, email or retrieval of scanned copy. Decision can be made quickly once you receive the information requested. This activity increases the efficiency of working processes and customer satisfaction.

The Standard Service Provider usually considers the investment of Security System. For document storage protection, security protection process is provided. Consumer has power to select a service provider with a good security level at individual satisfaction and trust with high standard without self-investment.

Service providers have variety of services covering every aspect of customer’s requirements. The service will be on time as required without the need of self-investment or having management’s effort to solve the problem. These factors allow you to focus your resources for core activities and be able to serve your customers better. ​

Your records are stored in dedicated document storage warehouse, constructed for the purpose. In having all in one service inclusive of professional document management specialist and modern equipment installed which shows lower cost instead of do it yourself, the document/records management service provider can offer the best competitive price to customers.​

Reduce Risk (Mitigate Risk)
In order to protect the loss of your data, storing records/information at the right off-site storage helps reduce risk. The off-site storage offers professional specialist and ability to control data access from unauthorized personnel when disaster occurs in the workplace based on customer’s requirement. ​

KDC is located in the low risk zone of natural disasters. There is no statistics show the impact of natural disasters over the past 30 years. Even with natural disasters occurred during that period which often affected areas in Bangkok with the distance exceeding 40 kilometers based on Risk Prevention Standards that the off-site storage in strategically located facility well away from high-risk areas. KDC designs document storage inclusive of archive system, security system and international standard technology with an ISO 9001 Certification. We finally have gained the trust from our well known customers choosing KDC as a service provider on document/information management system for their organizations. We are an expert of one-stop service provider for hard copy document and digital imaging.

We assist customer to design a process and work instruction to match with customer’s requirement because we understand the information/records are important to customers. As a result, we studied and designed the best technology and lowest cost to suit many archival situations that can search vital information/records immediately under strict security for clients. The Data Backups is our total responsibility. The Emergency Response practices scheduled regularly. Our customers are confident that all information is held safely. To guarantee our services, KDC will continue to provide high quality of service that meets your needs with our fast and accuracy to support your ongoing business.