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Tube Packaging for Blueprint size 4.5” x 40”
Blueprint tube packaging helps protect your original blueprint. The tubes are durable. Your blueprint will be protected without folding mark which causes the original faded.
Our standard size storage box:
width x length x height = 12.5” x 16” x 11.5”
Cheque Cartons Sizes
A special document carton can be designed to accommodate the size of the document size more than 90% of the standards that are used in the office from A8 to A3 or folders. The carton is lift-off lid provides quick and easy file access. It designed with convenient die-cut handle at both ends for quick, easy file relocation, no wire or glue, using brown to reduce the use of minimum chemicals. Super strong double wall construction on two sides and bottom. The box can receive more than 200 kilograms pressure and shock over 80 kilograms. KDC has been tested in a laboratory every time of production to ensure that the boxes are durable and protect your document. KDC produced cheque carton to facilitate the bank customers who prefer keeping the original cheque. Each carton can contain 2,000 cheque books. It is convenient to be stored and retrieved without damage.
Computer Media Case
KDC offers both Turtle Case and Metal Case
Turtle Case is a standard case for computer media transportation. It is uniquely designed to protect your valuable data during transport and storage. Double walled case for extra protection capacity is able to contain 20 cartridges DLT/LTO, fold down handle; pad lockable for security seal. The customer can either choose to rent or purchase during the use of our services.
Metal Case is an Aluminum box that is made for customers who have multiple media size or large quantities of tapes without storing many cases. The box has foam cushioning inside with 2 and 3 lock positions. With standard size is able to contain 35 cartridges DLT/LTO. The customer can either choose to rent or purchase during the use of our services.

Void Tape Security tape contains a special feature. The tape provides an anti-tamper seal for cartons, important document, computer media and many other containers. Applying the security tape, removal will cause the tape to self-destruct, leaving words “VOID” on both the affixed surface and in the security tape. Or the tape may indicate tampering by showing mis-alignment or a broken seal.