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Krungdhep Document Company Limited

Secure Storage, Accurate, Fast and Efficient Services with New Innovative
Krungdhep Document Company Limited (KDC) offers important document storage services for various organizations with archiving, hard copy document and document management system designed based on International Standards. The company has the most advanced digital technology in the world. In addition to the full standard security system of our Trusted Records Management Company offers to customers, the company also focuses on quick retrieval which providing convenient access to information stored within your archive. We recognize that the information is involved with our customer’s decision making.

In order to provide maximum benefit to customers on the data that they require as quickly as possible, we try to understand the patterns and how to use both records and information. We also support the customers in providing indexing services, archive data retrieval and guidance tailored to customers’ needs by our customer care expertise and experienced professionals.

Safety Standard
The company understands any data customers store with us are important and cannot be replaced. To give our customers confidence that records and information is stored in a safe place and maintain by professional providers, we have designed our comprehensive Records Management Storage purpose-built with fully equipped of security systems with auto notification.

Service Excellence
We recognize that customers are expected to receive full support of records management services with fast, accurate and safe by a professional team. The team needs to understand customers’ expectation and how to offer good services. Training and Development of practical skills, Quality Control Services as well as After Sales Services Care. Listen to customers’ voice of any suggestion for improvement to meet service excellence.

Delivering Value
Our value is to maintain document and information. Delivering correct records and information can support the customer doing business quickly in timely manner including decision making process. The more we move fast the better can further increase efficiency and enhance competitiveness and give customers more satisfaction which is the value that customers receive from our service.

Exceeding Information Management
Not only Records and Information Management provider, we are giving advice to your offsite storage solution and assist in all aspects of the job, from packing, indexing and retention plan of your records to collection and subsequent or self-serviced retrieval and delivery of originals or electronic copies are requested. We offer both rental system and document management system for customers across the country and abroad.

Best Solution of Choice/ Best Solution to Protect Your Information
KDC has a service that helps properly protect your data safe in a fully security equipped offsite storage which has been specifically designed based on International Standard whether your data is in the form of an original document, computer scanned or other electronics records. The customers may request our representative to search and retrieve or self-serviced and delivered at your convenience without any investment.